Ginger Desk is Naturopathic Physician founded in Vancouver, BC - created from the understanding of health professionals’ needs for high level staff in a growing virtual world.

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Meet The Team

We are a team of highly experienced Virtual Administrative Assistants who are fully vetted and specially trained to support Health and Wellness Practitioners and their clients. We tidy up administrative tasks, support your patients, and manage your team, all for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff.
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How We Support You


Naturopathic Physician-founded and run so you can trust that we understand the needs of your health practice.


Up to date on health practitioners’ favorite EMRs, province and state-specific regulations, and clinical terminology so your team comes pre-trained and ready to serve your clients.


PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant so you can have full confidence that your sensitive information is handled with care.


Accessible to all health practitioners from micro practice owners to large scale clinics so you can get the support you need at any stage.

Meet Dr. Julie Durnan ND

With over 15 years in the industry, Dr. Julie is an expert in the natural health world. Not only has she built two clinics from the ground up, but she has also mentored dozens of practitioners throughout the years. After discovering a gap in the market for health and wellness practitioners, Julie got to work building Ginger Desk. Now spanning across Canada and the United States and supporting hundreds of practitioners, Ginger Desk has proven itself as North America’s most trusted Virtual Assistant service for Health Practitioners.
Dr. Julie Durnan, ND
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Our Story

In 2020, with clinics closing across Canada and the US, I watched as hundreds of my colleagues retreated from brick and mortar clinics, moved spaces and many began opening up in-house offices.
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I watched as these practitioners became highly stressed as they began to take on more than solely treating their patients. They started to run their own practices including all admin tasks. It became clear quickly that previously these practitioners were unaware of just how much their admin staff was doing for them. The burden became too much and practitioners became overwhelmed.

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As I witnessed my own naturopathic clinic close for 2.5 months, I had the time to reflect on what truly made the practitioners at my clinic love practicing with me. I realized that it wasn’t the beautiful decor, the location or the free parking. It was our supportive admin team. It was the service we provided to our practitioners and to their patients and the community that we built.

This is why they stayed. It was this realization that made me decide that I wanted to be able to offer this kind of service and community to more practitioners.

To the practitioners who were struggling to manage client bookings and rescheduling; to those practitioners who were replying to emails late at night after the kids had gone to bed; and to the practitioners who were too busy in consults to be able to handle their own collections and patient recalls.

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From this, the concept of Ginger Desk was born. I hired and trained a team of virtual assistants using the same systems methods I’d developed from years running successful clinics.

And now this team of industry-trained VAs introduces the Ginger Methodology to other practitioners, setting them up with all the operational and organizational expertise and support needed to run thriving, successful health practices.

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The Ginger Way

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We believe we are on the face of the earth to uplevel the professionalism of health and wellness practitioners.


We hire and do business with kind, compassionate people who are of the highest of integrity.


We recruit and train people who are smart, efficient with time and resources, reliable, and clear communicators.


We believe strongly in work-life balance as this promotes the health and wellness of our staff and practitioners.


We hire for and encourage diversity in our company and practitioners.


We are constantly focused on innovation and reimagining ways to provide service excellence to our practitioners.

Reach out to have a chat about your practice’s unique assistant needs.