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Clinic Boss Summit 2022

11 things we learned at the Clinic Boss Summit

11 Things we Learned at #ClinicBossSummit

Thank you to Rick Lau and the whole team at Clinic Boss Summit and Clinic Accelerator for hosting our Ginger Desk team last weekend.

Our team at Ginger Desk is honoured to have partnered with Clinic Accelerator and to kick off our partnership, we sponsored #ClinicBossSummit2022! We met hundreds of physiotherapists, RMTs, osteopaths, and chiropractors clinic founders and owners.

We spoke to so many practitioners and asked them what their top takeaways were from the event. Here is what they had to say about their top highlights from the weekend:

  1. Community is powerful
  2. Tap into your local community businesses for the best marketing reach
  3. Optimize your business’s internal protocols for ultimate success
  4. Identify issues regularly to solve them regularly
  5. Ask your team questions frequently
  6. Don’t delay hard conversations
  7. Be an active listener
  8. Prioritize your organizational chart and ensure your whole team knows it
  9. Re-active patients regularly
  10. Run quarterly assessments on your clinic
  11. Prioritize your clinic’s weekly scoreboard for team members (if you don’t know what your business’s scoreboard should look like – please check out @thericklau’s Clinic Accelerator.

We can’t wait to attend this awesome event next year!

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