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3 Things to Do To Prepare for Your Next Hire

As you expand your practice, so does the workload. Bringing key hires onto your team is essential to growth and delivering top-quality service. But finding and hiring the right people into your practice can be a challenge sometimes. We believe three things are essential in getting you started on finding your next hire. 

1) Write a job description.

The job description functions as the hiring ad for your practice and is key in attracting the right candidates to your role. You can be as specific as you can in your description of the role to ensure it provides candidates with clarity about responsibilities and fit. Items to include in the job description are:

  • Description of the practice and business
  • Overall goal for the role
  • Specific responsibilities
  • Metrics and results you will utilize to monitor progress 
  • Required skills for the role 
  • Salary or hourly wage

2) List out 5-10 expectations for the role.

While the job description is a public document, the expectations are internal documents to help you in navigating the recruitment and selection process. What are your expectations for the individual taking on the role? This could include expectations for tasks you want this individual to complete, your own budget for the compensation range, skillset competence, and workload. 

3) Know your practice’s 3-5 core values.

Values represent guides for decision-making in your business and provide an opportunity for alignment with potential new partners and team members. You want to understand your core values so you can bring these questions to the interview process to filter potential candidates for value alignment with you and your practice. This will aid the process of finding the right fit.

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