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5 Key Tasks A Medical Virtual Assistant Can Do Your Practice

medical virtual assistant is an individual who works remotely and can help you with routine tasks such as client communications, invoicing, and word processing. A virtual medical assistant can take on routine tasks as well as provide a tremendous amount of administrative support for activities that are outside doctors’ or healthcare practitioners’ expertise. Hiring a medical virtual assistant adds a tremendous amount of support for your medical practice or clinic. Whether you operate a medical clinic or naturopathic clinic, your healthcare can benefit significantly by hiring a medical virtual assistant.

Here are the top five tasks that a medical virtual assistant can help your medical practice with.

1. Communications by email and phone

Communication tasks are incredibly time-consuming and will take time away from treating your clients or growing your medical practice. By hiring a medical virtual assistant, you can get more time back in your hands. 

A medical virtual assistant can help you with on-going communication tasks such as outgoing phone communications, checking all voicemail messages, email communications, and tagging emails and filing them into organized folders. With the additional time, you can focus your energy on tasks and strategies that move the needle for your medical practice.

2. Invoicing

While it’s integral to deliver impeccable care to your patients, it’s also important to receive payment for your professional service. This is where a medical virtual assistant can help. A medical virtual assistant can send initial invoices to patients or follow-up emails if these patients don’t pay on time. Collecting payments for invoices can be physically draining and time-consuming, so it’s ideal that you hire a medical virtual assistant who can take on this tedious yet important task for you. 

In addition to issuing invoices and collecting payments, a medical virtual assistant can help you with updating credit card expiry dates on file, manage direct billing to insurance, and create and implement Credit Card authorization forms.

3. Document filing and faxing

Yes – organizations in the healthcare industry digital fax. A medical virtual assistant can help you with document management and faxing documents such as faxing prescriptions and renewals and faxing referral documents or release of records information. A medical virtual assistant can also help with document management such as ensuring client intake forms are completed and consent forms are signed.

4. Word Processing

If you absolutely love typing documents up, maybe you don’t need a medical virtual assistant. But, if you’re like most of our clients who aren’t passionate about typing up documents and doing word processing work, a medical virtual assistant is your best pal. A virtual medical assistant can help with word processing tasks such as preparing minutes for virtual team meetings and creating standard operating procedures (SOP) manuals.

5. Group membership sign ups and payments.

If you offer courses or group programs, a medical virtual assistant can help you with administrative tasks associated with these group courses or programs. For example, a medical virtual assistant can help you with new member registration, discovery calls for new members, member queries management, member contract management, and membership fee collection. Receiving support for these tasks will lift weight off your shoulders and open up more time in your day so you can focus on more higher value tasks to grow your medical practice.

Ready to hire a medical virtual assistant? Book a complimentary discovery call with the Ginger Desk team and we’ll be delighted to show you what our team of diligent and expert medical virtual assistants can assist with.

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