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5 Tools to Streamline Your Health Content Creation in 2023

By Sarah Cook of Wellness Writer

Tool #1: The StoryBrand BrandScript

The StoryBrand BrandScript gives you a formula to clarify your marketing message. Donald Miller wrote the book Building a StoryBrand in 2017 and has since developed a full suite of tools to help small business owners clarify their message to better market their businesses. 

If your message is at all confusing, people will ignore you. They will leave your website after just a few seconds…scroll right past your social media posts…and delete your emails without reading them. 

That’s why the StoryBrand BrandScript needs to be the first tool you put to use in 2023. 

Once you are clear on your message, you can weave that into all of the other content you create for your practice. Whether it’s on your website, during a podcast interview, or in a social media post—your BrandScript keeps your message consistent across all platforms. 

You can access an online tool to create your own BrandScript at 

Tool #2: The Wellness Copy Shop

The Wellness Copy Shop is your hub for copywriting templates to write your website, sales pages, email promotions, freebie funnels, and more. The templates are designed specifically for health and wellness entrepreneurs who are marketing their practices online. 

If you’ve ever tried to write sales copy from scratch and hit a complete mental block, you know that staring at a blank screen only leads to frustration and failure. You might question how to organize the content, feel awkward about your words, and in the end only get meager results. 

The copywriting templates in The Wellness Copy Shop help you confidently write your copy. They follow proven copywriting frameworks, give you prompts to uncover a message unique to you, and include examples to get your creative juices flowing. 

You can explore The Wellness Copy Shop here or even try a template for free

Tool #3: Canva

Canva is an online design tool for non-designers. Even a free account gives you access to design templates for website images, social media posts, and even stories or reels to use on social media. 

If you see others consistently sharing branded images and professional-looking designs online and wonder how they do it, chances are they’re using Canva. 

Canva allows you to take any content idea and turn it into a visually stunning image or video. You can add your brand colors and fonts so that you show up with a consistent and memorable look. Canva saves you the investment of hiring a graphic designer for everyday content like social media posts and helps you look really good online. 

You can sign up for Canva at

Tool #4: OneLook

OneLook is like a thesaurus on steroids. It has more than 18,000,000 words indexed from more than 1000 dictionaries to create a user-friendly database of related words. 

When you feel stuck on specific words or just wish you could come up with a way to make your content pop, OneLook is your best friend. 

Just drop a word into the search bar at OneLook, click on “related words,” and you’ll be served up hundreds of nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and even idioms and slang phrases related to your word. This tool instantly breaks through writer’s block so you can make your content stand out in the crowd. 

You’ll probably want to bookmark OneLook. Find it at

Tool #5: Nurture Unleashed

Nurture Unleashed is a content subscription for health and wellness entrepreneurs. Every month, you get a fresh content bundle that includes 16 juicy social media captions, design and reels templates (in Canva), short-form video script ideas, email subject lines, and a completely written monthly e-newsletter. The content includes health tips, health news recaps, a functional health series, and personal prompts. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the need to pump out a consistent flow of educational content to nurture your audience, you are not alone. Creating valuable content for social posts and emails can consume your nights and weekends if you let it. 

Nurture Unleashed saves you time and money, while giving you the flexibility to personalize all of the content with your own brand message and style. 

You can try Nurture Unleashed for only $1 here. 

If you are a health & wellness professional building a practice and a name for yourself, one of the most important skills you can master is content creation. These 5 tools will help you get clear on your marketing message, confidently share that message, and consistently nurture your audience to grow your practice. 

Sarah Cook is a Health Copywriter, StoryBrand Certified Guide, former Naturopathic Doctor, and creator of The Wellness Copy Shop. Connect with her at 

Please note that this is a guest post and may contain affiliate links. 

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