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Healthcare Virtual Assistant

7 Reasons to Hire a Medical Virtual Assistant in 2023

A medical virtual assistant can bring so much to your business. Whether you want to achieve work-life balance, become more efficient while keeping your overhead low or grow while keeping operations lean, a medical virtual assistant can be the solution. Here are seven reasons why your healthcare practice should hire a healthcare virtual assistant.

1. Only pay for what you need

You pay your healthcare virtual assistant per project or task. That means that if they do one hour of work, you will pay only for one hour of work. With a healthcare virtual assistant, there is no need to pay for benefits, holidays, sick days or commit to a 40-hour week salary. 

Healthcare virtual assistants also work remotely, so there is no need to pay for equipment, a physical office space or for any office or equipment maintenance. These savings are significant, and will bring fiscal efficiency to your practice.

2. Scale your support to your business needs

It is rare for business growth and workloads to be stable and linear. Since you only pay for what you need, healthcare virtual assistants provide the flexibility for you to scale your support up or down. If you have more projects this month, you can easily assign more tasks to your healthcare virtual assistant, or even have your agency assign another assistant for additional support. Conversely, if you have fewer tasks, you can easily cut back on the hours that you pay for. This ensures overhead efficiency. The work gets done while you are free from having to manage people and workloads.

3. Get access to the best talent.

An agency like Ginger Desk will have done the vetting and training already, so when you meet your new healthcare virtual assistant, you can be confident that they are up to the job and are ready to hit the ground running. This means that you can save time while still working with the best talent.

4. Skip HR processes and costs.

There are a lot of costs associated with hiring an employee. It is common for an HR department to take weeks and even months in order to find the right hire. The more in-house staff you have, the more your HR costs will increase. Conversely, healthcare virtual assistants cost only a fraction of what it usually costs to recruit, hire, train and manage staff the conventional way.

5. Maximize your productivity

When you can delegate and outsource all your administrative tasks (which include emails, calls, invoicing, appointment setting, prescription refills and follow-ups), you have more time to focus on more important tasks, such as patient care, research, networking, or business growth. Productivity is maximized on all fronts; your healthcare virtual assistant can dedicate their time to all customer service related activities, which enables you to focus on the medical aspects of the business.

6. Get accurate and timely reporting

It’s common for healthcare virtual assistants to provide monthly or weekly reporting so you can know exactly where the billed hours have gone. Having this precise understanding of how your dollars are being spent gives you the ability to plan and budget more accurately for the future.

7. Find your balance

It’s no secret that being a practitioner or a business owner in the healthcare field can be stressful and overwhelming. There’s no reason for you to be managing administrative tasks while trying to keep up with all the demands of your medical practice. In fact, outsourcing your administrative and other clerical tasks to a healthcare virtual assistant can free you from being pulled in different directions and thus enable you to show up at your best in all aspects of your life. This means better patient care, a stronger business in a position for growth and stability and a better work-life balance for yourself. 

Whether you want to achieve fiscal efficiency, business scaling and growth, personal and professional balance or enhance patient care, the possibilities with a healthcare virtual assistant are limitless. Your healthcare practice stands to gain in every way.

You can find a virtual assistant with the skills and expertise needed to support your medical practice at Ginger Desk. Our goal is to provide you with a dedicated, trusted healthcare virtual assistant who is pre-trained and understands your health practice, so you can focus on what you do best. Book a discovery call for more information on how we can help your healthcare practice succeed. Please also check out reviews about Ginger Desk to learn why clients love working with us!

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