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Behind the Desk: Creating a Seamless Patient Experience

Behind the Desk: Matt Scott – Creating A Seamless Patient Experience

Welcome to “Behind the Desk,” where we take you behind the scenes and give you an exclusive glimpse into the lives of industry leaders. In this edition, we dive deep into the world of Matt Scott, a passionate physiotherapist who has dedicated his career to helping others recover from injuries and improve their mobility.

As a former young athlete with firsthand experience of the transformative power of physiotherapy, Matt shares his journey, unique approach to business, and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way.

Join us as we explore the innovative practices and mindset that have made Matt a sought-after professional, and discover how he is revolutionising patient experience at his hybrid clinic-gym without the need for in-house administrative staff using healthcare virtual assistants.

What is your profession/discipline and why did you choose it?

I am a physiotherapist, and I chose this profession because, as a young athlete, I experienced many sports injuries. Physiotherapy played a crucial role in my recovery, inspiring me to help others in a similar way.

Who are the patients you serve?

I serve a diverse range of patients, from high-level athletes to elderly individuals, helping them achieve their functional goals in life, whether it be recovering from sports injuries or improving overall mobility for a better quality of life.

How is your practice unique and what impact does it have on your patients?

Our practice is unique as a hybrid of a clinic and a gym, and it stands out by having no in-house administrative staff—all administrative support is managed remotely. People enjoy entering and leaving the clinic seamlessly, with billing and scheduling happening with minimal time taken from their lives.

How do you stay organised?

I stay organised using Google Calendar for personal life, Jane and an Excel spreadsheet for clinical workflows, and relying on Gmail and Google Docs for business. Having a business partner contributes significantly to organisational efficiency.

What is your approach to business?

Our business approach follows a “hermit crab” model, starting small and gradually expanding physical space, administrative offerings, services for clinicians, and investments into marketing and online presence as the business grows.

What is your current desk setup?

My desk is a small cart that efficiently holds my essentials. It strikes a balance between messy and tidy. On it, you’ll find my laptop, a paper pad, and tools integral to my daily work, such as a goniometer and a reflex hammer. This setup allows for a functional and organised workspace that accommodates the tools essential to my daily tasks.

What valuable lessons have you learned in your practice?

I wish I had understood early on the importance of comprehending patients’ expectations during their first physiotherapy appointments and subsequent sessions. Integrating their expectations with what I consider to be the best physiotherapy solutions to their problems plays a pivotal role in creating optimal treatment plans. This approach enhances the overall patient experience and contributes to more successful outcomes.

Lastly, what brings you joy in practice?

What brings me joy in practice and the health industry is the opportunity to help people feel optimistic about their situation, contributing to their overall well-being.

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