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Do Less, Be More

Do Less, Be More – My Mantra

My mantra.

And it all comes from my story. A story that until now I haven’t fully shared.

Here I go…
It started in 2020 after I became completely burnt out from managing a clinic during Covid closures.

Businesses all closed, including mine. I was doing a lot, while constantly hustling and juggling to pay our clinic’s rent. Building systems to make it all work virtually.  I was not at home making sourdough or drinking too much wine. I was on the phone with the Canada Revenue Agency at 3 am trying to get in the queue for a 5 hr wait to get Records of Employments to lay off staff (when the website crashed); I was applying for business loans and waiting on hold for 8 hours at a time only to be cut off, many times over; I opened up my schedule to 7 days a week to see as many patients as possible to stay afloat; and with my dear office manager and rolling suitcases, we moved our entire office and supplement inventory to her home so we could run the business remotely. Yes, Jen is an angel.

And we didn’t stop. I didn’t stop.

Anyone who ran a brick-and-mortar business in 2020 knows how this felt. How very few people could relate at that time to the anxiety, the dread, the fear of the future. I was so in it that I couldn’t even talk about it at that time. Even to my closest friends. I didn’t even know how to begin to explain the adrenaline rush I was bathing in.

Do less. Be more.

I had to let go. All of it. The worry, panic, control. It was never enough. Never done. Never completed. And I was never happy. Never at peace. So I surrendered.

I didn’t know what the future held so I let it all go.

I let go. It was terrifying. But I put it all down. And I took a leap.

It was a massive leap of faith. It was a big jump all at once but it was necessary to I could begin to do what made my heart sing.

I left my practice for a year (now 2!) and started doing LESS and being more. Leaving was hard. It was all I knew and had worked toward for 20 years. I loved my patients dearly. But I needed to stop.

But I took a leap and a break. I walked into the forest. I meditated. I journaled. I exercised.  I did things that brought me joy and had faith that things would work out if I stayed aligned.

They did.

I worked at it. Worked at staying in alignment with my values and myself each day.

And I dreamed up Ginger Desk.

In the forest.

I dreamed up a company that could make an impact on women’s careers and family lives, for women in admin, for women in practice, and for ME.

It all made sense. I got to work building it all out – the mission, values, systems, operations, the PEOPLE. And I never forgot the IMPACT I wanted to make.

I built a business in the forest. It’s true.

Every day I walked and I connected and sometimes I would make notes there. The forest-inspired me and the ideas kept flowing. The less I tried, the more inspiration came to me.

Do less, be more.

I practiced this often until it became a habit. It became necessary. I began doing it less regularly. And BEing much more often.

I would – Do – less of what didn’t bring me joy. Do more forest walks, working on projects that make my soul sing, more snuggling with my family and dog.

And now 2 years later, I’m working in and on this business every day. The funny thing is, I work more than I ever did in the clinic. But I’m not doing as much. I’m in flow. I’m doing the tasks I love. It’s my purpose, my Passion, and my dream come true.

I couldn’t have done it while I was in the grind, while I was hustling. I had no idea back then that this would bring me so much joy. I didn’t stop for long enough to check-in. Let alone be creative and let the ideas rush in.

Making an impact.
Being present and loving my life.
By doing less. And being more.

Who knew?

By Dr. Julie Durnan, ND
CEO & Founder
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