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2 Year Birthday Cupcake

From Zero to 40: Happy Birthday to Ginger Desk!

What started as a powerful mission to support a small group of women health practitioners, has evolved into a movement:

A large-scale movement to change the work and home lives of women globally 🌎 

Ginger Desk turns two years old this month. Born two-plus years ago as an idea Dr. Julie Durnan had while working as a Naturopathic Doctor through the pandemic. . e Since officially launching in November of 2020 in the midst of pandemic life, Ginger Desk has not looked back.

Since our launch, we have been proudly and fiercely serving health practitioners. In fact, we have served over 300 health practitioners in our short time here in the medical tech space with our virtual administrative solutions. 

In a time when business has seen so many ups and downs, Ginger Desk has evolved so much and scaled so quickly over these past two years – and profitably since day one.

We are just getting started and so proud of all the milestones we have achieved in our short time as a startup. In two short years we have tripled our growth year over year 🚀and:

1. Ginger Desk has grown from zero to 40 employees, who are all incredible women all across Canada.

2. We have expanded our product offering beyond NDs to now serve MDs, DCs, DOs, PTs, OTs, SLPs, Midwives, Psychologists, Clinical Counsellors, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers across all of North America.

3. We support practices in all timezones across Canada and the US.

4. We have built partnerships with five of the most popular Allied Health EMRs – Jane App, Practice Better, Outsmart, ChARM, Elation. 

5. Launched Ginger University: Ginger Desk’s comprehensive 8-week training program for Virtual Medical Office Assistants. Our GU program is designed to train skilled medical office assistants and new Ginger Desk hires on the Ginger Way of serving health practitioners remotely. The result: highly trained medical administrative professionals ready to support the virtual front desk of any practice

6. We hired Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber as our company’s Corporate Operations Officer (COO) to support our strategy and immense growth. 

Our goal is to serve 10,000 health practitioners and to employ 2000 women remotely across North America while making work and home life easier for health practitioners. 

In 2023 we are excited to launch into new partnerships with major EMRs such as Practice Better and Cerbo and further expand the health practice clients we serve. We are also launching our newest product: Ginger Systems and building our tech platform: Ginger Works.

On our birthday, we are gifting to YOU. Save $200 on your first month with Ginger Desk with code: GINGERBDAY. Please note this is a limited time offer.

Go heal the world. Go enjoy your family 🧡

Let Ginger Desk handle the rest.

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