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Getting to Inbox Zero

Thousands of emails. Unread messages that lack order. Priorities misaligned. Communications that go unresponded and get lost in the mess.

Many health practitioners have inboxes that are disorganized, messy and that work against them. Instead of being used as a powerful tool for prioritizing their communications, their inboxes are quick to grow and become chaotic.

Rather than ignore the situation and have it get worse day to day, we have a simple goal: get to Inbox Zero.


This is a maintenance program, much like an exercise regimen, and to keep up, the muscles of your inbox need to be flexed daily. 

The benefits of maintaining Inbox Zero, reach far beyond simply an appealing Gmail aesthetic. Practitioners who enjoy Inbox Zero report less stress, increased productivity, reduced distractions, better communication with teams and patients, and an improved ability to prioritize what’s truly important to them.

Sounds dreamy? At Ginger Desk, we think so too. We love making this a reality for practitioners and it brings us enormous joy to clean these things up for clinics and practices. Ask us how you can get there too.

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