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Ginger Desk: A Year in Review

Ginger Desk: A Year in Review

2023 was a big year for us at Ginger Desk. We supported hundreds of health practitioners and thousands of patients.

What does the impact of hiring a VA have on health practitioners, patients, and admin team members?

24,000 hours of patient support delivered
70% faster patient response time
75% improvement in practitioner focus during patient care
80% improved patient experience
75% reduction in patient stress levels
70% improvement in practitioner energy levels
60% more revenue for practitioners
36 dogs taken to work by VAs
42 cats taken to work by VAs (some horses, fish, and even a turtle too)
40 new jobs created for women across North America

At Ginger Desk, we plan to make 2024 a year to remember. We have big goals this year to impact 2x as many practitioners and patients than we did in 2023. We also have massive internal plans to continue to make Ginger Desk an incredible place to work, learn, and grow.

We are on a mission to provide admin freedom to health practitioners while creating an exceptional experience for patients. Thank you for being here in our community and for making Ginger Desk the success it is today.

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Dr. Julie Durnan, ND

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