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Birthday Cupcake

Happy 3rd Birthday to Ginger Desk!

This month marks Ginger Desk’s 3rd anniversary since introducing our virtual assistant services to the world. In Greek philosophy, the number 3 is esteemed as a symbol of harmony, wisdom, and understanding; making it the perfect number! This symbolism rings true as we celebrate our 3rd birthday. It’s important to us to take a moment to celebrate this milestone as it signifies a transformative shift in our journey as a company.

Three years in, our team is harmonious, highly skilled and wise on many levels, and we have a deeper understanding of our clients needs than ever before.

This year has been a game-changer for our team and our clients. Our growth has been what’s been most visible from the outside looking in. We doubled not only the size of our team but also the number of clients we’ve served. More profoundly, it’s the behind the scenes that has had the most impact on us, with the shift in the caliber of our service offering.

The wisdom we have gained as a collective, has enabled us to create an even more expansive range of practitioner resources than we had before. As we gain more insight, we are able to integrate these lessons to our shared pool of templates, scripts, systems, and processes that we share with our clients.

You talked and we listened. We now offer project-based services for folks who want the organization and expertise of a Ginger Desk VA for a specific project. ‘Ginger Systems’ is our newest department that focuses on organization and streamlines processes for practices of all sizes. This includes Practice Admin Audits (think of it like a practice admin makeover) and EMR set-ups for practitioners, especially tailored for those who want to transition their practice to Jane software.

Working at Ginger Desk now looks a bit different too. We have amplified the support structure for our dedicated team members who work so tirelessly supporting our beloved health practitioners. Our expansion has enabled us to establish specialized Marketing, Technology, Human Resources Departments. Additionally, Employee Stock Options were freshly launched this year, meaning as our company grows, our team of virtual assistants and their families benefit, too.

We are constantly reimagining ways to empower our VAs, both professionally and operationally. Our new departments will ensure that our Virtual Assistants operate in the most efficient and productive way possible while we maintain jobs that offer meaningful work, and a balanced life full of wellness and personal growth opportunities. Our VAs are not just caregivers at Ginger Desk, but in their personal lives too. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our employees are supported in all the goals they pursue, both within and outside of our company.

In a time when business has seen so many ups and downs, Ginger Desk’s rapid evolution over the past three years is remarkable. What started as a powerful mission to support a small group of women health practitioners, has blossomed into a movement. A large-scale movement that advocates for the betterment of women’s professional and personal lives, globally 🌎

To celebrate our birthday, we are gifting YOU. Save $250 on your first month with Ginger Desk with code: GINGERBDAY. (Please note this offer is available for a limited time only.)

Go heal the world. Go enjoy your family.
Let Ginger Desk handle the rest. 🧡

In Health,
Dr. Julie

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