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How Virtual Medical Assistants Save Your Practice Money and Time

As your medical clinic grows, you may find yourself mired in increasing amounts of administrative and client services work. Hiring a virtual medical assistant means you can offload the more tedious tasks while enabling you and your staff to focus on priorities that will help you grow your business. 

Ultimately, hiring a medical virtual assistant means saving time and money so you can build the business and life you love. Here’s how:

More cost-effective compared to internal staff 

Minimizing staffing costs is going to be key for healthcares practices that wish to be cost-efficient. In addition to the increase in salary costs, bringing on more internal staff also means more associated costs such as equipment.

By hiring a virtual medical assistant, you can avoid these costs and keep your operation lean. A virtual medical assistant works remotely, which means that you won’t have to purchase additional equipment or office supplies to accommodate the assistant.

Experience administrative freedom

A virtual medical assistant works remotely and can be tasked with work that may not be a good use of your or your internal staff’s time. Tasks such as follow-up emails or calls, filling up procurement forms, making payments for invoices, and calling to schedule appointments are vital to your clinic and clients, but are time-consuming. Ideally, you want to be delegating your administrative work and other more menial tasks to a medical virtual assistant. 

Even if you do have internal staff to cover these tasks, in-house staff require statutes and procedures and additional HR work, on top of the existing administrative work and ongoing client care. A virtual medical assistant is the most cost-effective option, since it means you’re only paying for the work assigned.

The bottom line is this: a medical virtual assistant frees up your time to focus on growing your healthcare practice, and building a life you love.

Free up time to take care of patients

A major bottleneck we see in many healthcare practices is that the doctors’ time is occupied with time-consuming, cumbersome tasks. If a healthcare practice is small, a doctor may have to take on the work of calling and scheduling calls with patients. Needless to say, this isn’t a good use of a doctor’s time and doesn’t allow the doctor to work to their full ability.

By hiring a medical virtual assistant, you can delegate the time-consuming tasks and allow doctors to spend time addressing more complex issues with their patients. This means doctors can be more effective and focused, while patients benefit from receiving the best of care.

Deliver high level of customer service and support

If your patients receive poor customer service or an otherwise unsatisfactory experience, you’ll find out after it’s too late through negative online reviews or feedback. You’ll likely lose the patients permanently. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to deliver stellar customer service and care from the beginning. By hiring a medical virtual assistant who can be wholly focused on customer care (e.g. arranging appointments, soliciting and receiving feedback, etc.), your patients will receive a higher quality of customer service. This dedicated and focused customer service will help you retain patients, grow your revenue stream, and establish a robust, positive reputation in the long-run.

Ready to save money and time by hiring your first medical virtual assistant? Book a discovery call with the Ginger Desk team and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, you can take a look at reviews about Ginger Desk from our wonderful clients and learn how we have helped their healthcare practices grow!

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