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The Importance Of Alignment Calls With Your VA

Have you ever wondered what makes clinics tick so smoothly? One of our amazing Virtual Assistants has provided insight into the behind-the-scenes wizardry that keeps everything in sync – Alignment Calls!

An alignment call is a scheduled communication session between a VA and a practitioner or client. The purpose of an alignment call is to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals.

Weekly alignment calls serve as a vital platform to establish common ground, maintain effective communication, and create new workflows. These calls play a pivotal role in eliminating miscommunications and providing a window into the practitioner and clinic needs. Through alignment calls, the VA gains valuable insight into the latest developments within the practitioner’s clinic, enabling updates on Ginger Desk or their EMR/EHR systems.

To ensure seamless interactions, the VA employs a strategic approach. By proactively recording potential discussion topics in the alignment call agenda during clinic check-ins, the VA remains organized and ensures the addressing of key issues. A few days before the call, the VA sends out a live agenda, empowering the practitioner to contribute topics for discussion and respond directly within the shared document. This practice proves especially effective for discussions encompassing multiple topics, conserving time and offering a tangible record of tasks and new workflows that may be integrated into the clinic’s Practice Playbook.

Linds, our amazing VA under this week’s spotlight, loves alignment calls with her practitioners, saying: “I always look forward to my alignment calls with my practitioners. When working virtually it’s so nice to have the opportunity to meet with my practitioners face to face. The best part of alignment calls: After a few calls and getting to know your practitioner more, it’s like meeting with a good friend over coffee and you feel like part of their team!”

Behind every smooth operation, there’s a savvy VA coming up with strategies, building bonds, and steering the clinic toward success. So, next time you hear about alignment calls, know they’re not just catch-ups – they’re the clinic’s secret sauce for keeping everything under control!

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