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The Secret to Staying On Top of EMR Features

At Ginger Desk, it’s our mission to make your life as a practitioner that bit easier. So today, we are sharing a simple and impactful way to keep you at the forefront of your field and enhance your practice – subscribing to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) company newsletters!

The great news? It doesn’t matter which EMR software you use. Whether it’s Jane, Practice Better, ChARM, or another; all EMR software are consistently making changes to better serve you. We understand the value of your time, and how much of a challenge it is to stay on top of it all. But we also know that the practitioners who best leverage technology, lead the happiest lives – in and out of the clinic.

Let’s dive into how such a straightforward step makes such a significant difference in your practice.

Keeping up with the latest industry trends is vital for providing exceptional healthcare. EMR company newsletters deliver crucial insights on software upgrades, regulatory changes, and other important developments. We recommend creating a weekly time block in your schedule to catch up on these updates. These newsletters only take 2-5 minutes to read, but the tips can often save you hours in your practice’s admin!

Your EMR system is a valuable investment for managing patient data and streamlining workflows. By subscribing to EMR company newsletters, you are going to be among the first to gain a deeper understanding of your platform’s capabilities and potential.

Our skilled healthcare VAs can assist you with taking on the ever-changing healthcare world, allowing you to thrive in your practice. We can help you to unlock hidden features and can share tips and tricks to optimize your EMR experience, greatly increasing the overall productivity of your work.

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