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Top 10 Reasons Your Practice Needs a Virtual Office

Virtual offices, for both virtual practitioners and practitioners who see patients in person in brick and mortar clinics, are the most effective way to save time and money and the environment. Here’s why:

1. Saves space.

The actual front desk area in a busy clinic can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per month in lease payments. It’s so incredible to see how creative practitioners are able to get with their patient care when they don’t need to worry about housing a human in the front area of their clinic.

2. Quiet and uninterrupted time.

When an assistant is working from home, they are able to Dedicate a quiet space at home for their work, and they’re uninterrupted by patient conversations, practitioners walking by and chit chatting, and also talk at the front desk among coworkers. We have seen this valuable quiet space pay off in so many ways. Assistants at home are able to tear through a list of client recalls, get through a list of emails and calls for accounts receivable and collections. They can be hyper focused and incredibly efficient when they’re not multitasking and being constantly interrupted by a clinic environment.

3. No HR, payroll, tax deductions, vacation pay.

Did you know that it costs 15-20% on average in additional fees to have an employee? Those of you who have had staff before understand this well. It’s a huge cost and a big pain to manage payroll and paying the deductions each month. Remove or virtual teams typically operate a s a service you pay like a contractor.

4. 100% efficiency.

A virtual team, like Ginger Desk, bills you by the minute. So you aren’t paying for idle time like you do with a conventional medical office staff.

5. No management hassles.

When you outsource to a virtual office assistant, you don’t have to worry about managing your new remote team member. If you’ve never had staff before, let me tell you that managing in and of itself is not just a skill but an art. It requires negotiation and leadership skills, and takes a lot of time to be done right- you must perform progress reviews, oversee their work, monitor their time.

6. No time wasted on training.

And you have to TRAIN employees. When you outsource, you bring on people who already haveacquired the Special skillset you need. They come pre-trained and ready to work immediately. Saving you hours of training time from your own billable time.

7. Save Money.

Pay by the task, not the day. So the overall monthly payment can be ¼ to ⅓ of what it costs to hire, train and manage conventional medical office staff cost.

8. Digital, organized, and efficient systems.

Working with a virtual team requies you to get clear on your systems, your communication, and your documentation of it all. It makes YOU super efficient so your team can run lean and smoothly.

9. Freedom to work from anywhere.

You can practice anywhere you like and still get the admin support you and your patients need. Northern Saskatchewan, Iqualuit, or Vermillion Bay Ontario. And still get the high quality support that people in Vancouver and Toronto have access to.

10. No commuting!

Less cars = less fossil fuels. When you hire a virtual assistant and set up a virtual office, you’re helping to reduce car emissions and you’re saving the planet. Need we say more?

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