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Top 3 Things To Do Before Launching Your Virtual Office

When launching a virtual office, most people skip right to the set up, but the most important things to get clear on before hiring a remote team are: your own leadership and your business’s values, your communication strategy, and your tech stack.

Poor clarity on these important considerations will result in team dynamic problems becoming magnified and unruly.

1. Core Values

To ensure you’re working with the right people and so your people can know they’re working with the right business, make sure you are crystal clear on your top 3-5 core values. This is critical for any practice – whether solo or multi-practitioner. What’s important to you? Professionalism, integrity, diversity? Write it down and share it with everyone you work with.

2. Communication

Did you know that 94% of problems in a business are systems driven. Only 6% of problems are people driven. When a colleague complains to you about how one of their admin team members didn’t do the one  thing they asked, the only things to find out are:

  • Were the expectations clearly outlined?
  • Was there a due date?
  • Did they have all the tools required?
  • Were you clear on the steps involved?

Communication breakdown is often the root cause of a lot of workplace complaining. Change the system and you will change the outcome.

3. Tech Stack

Technology is here to stay. Let’s leverage it for our practices, our personal lives, to serve more people, make way more money, and have more time to spend with our families. The first thing you need to do here is do an inventory of which tech you already have. Then assess how it’s performing. If it is serving you well and can be accessed remotely, it stays.

Consider your outgoing email address, getting a phone app, and getting an internal communication tool like google Chat or Slack before launching your practice. Once you have these and you know they’ll serve you longterm, you’re ready to launch.

How are you doing with these? Which one is the biggest struggle for you?

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