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Uncovering the True Cost of Staff Turnover in Your Health Clinic

As a healthcare practitioner, you understand firsthand the challenges of staff turnover and its wide-reaching impact on the overall dynamics of your health clinic. However, have you considered the actual financial toll it takes on your practice? 

Let’s delve into the meticulous process of calculating the cost of staff turnover and find out how we can help mitigate these expenses, saving your practice time and money.

Staff turnover includes tangible and intangible costs such as recruitment expenses, training, productivity loss, potential errors, and disruption. These factors combine to create a significant financial burden on your clinic, often affecting patient care.

To calculate the cost of staff turnover, use the following formula:

Total Cost of Staff Turnover = Recruitment Costs + Training and Orientation Costs + Productivity Loss Costs + Error Costs + Disruption Costs

Now, let’s discuss how Ginger Desk Virtual Assistants offer a cost-effective solution that can revolutionize administrative support in your practice.

Our VAs are real people who live and work in your timezone. If a VA is absent, we have another VA ready to step in, ensuring a seamless experience for your practice – that’s right, this means no down-time for your practice!

Ginger Desk costs only a fraction compared to hiring, training, and managing conventional medical office staff. On average, clinics that incorporate our Virtual Assistants save an impressive $35,000 annually.

Full-service Admin Support

We provide document management, booking, billing, and patient outreach over text, email, phone. We support your patients and free you from the burden of administrative tasks.

EMR Experts

Ginger Desk VAs are highly skilled EMR experts who support your practice’s workflows in the most efficient way possible while providing 1:1 support to you and your patients.

HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliant

Ginger Desk is health regulation compliant across all states and provinces so your practice and your patients’ health information stays safe and secure.

With a streamlined onboarding process, flexible packages based on task volume, and no need to invest time and resources in finding and training your own staff, transitioning to our services is quick and effortless.

Discover how a Ginger Desk VA can support your practice or clinic and help you achieve Admin Freedom – book a Discovery Call with us today!

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