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Why Your Practice Should Hire A Healthcare Virtual Assistant in 2023

Virtual assistants offer a flexible alternative to medical clinics and healthcare practices instead of hiring a full-time employee. With the continued advancement in communication technology and the wide adoption of remote work, particularly in the last few years, hiring a virtual assistant has never been easier. Bringing virtual support into a medical practice has become a strategic and effective business decision for many medical practices.

Here are seven main reasons why you should hire a virtual healthcare assistant for your medical practice.

1. Virtual Assistants are more economical

Overall, virtual assistants are 50% more economical than a full-time office assistants or staff. The contractual billing approach makes virtual assistants incredibly cost-effective, helping medical clinics and practices minimize their expenses. In addition, as a practitioner, you reduce all the time typically devoted to managing administrative staff and the associated HR functions. Virtual assistants tend to be vetted, specialized, and trained so you can get more done in less time compared to full-time staff.

2. Only pay for productive time

Keeping your overheard cost low while maximizing your revenue is key to gaining healthy profitability.

Because medical virtual assistants work on a contractual basis, they provide medical practices with financial flexibility. They can fulfill administrative demands without the long-term commitment of hiring part time or full time staff.

For example, by hiring a virtual medical assistant, you don’t have to pay:

  • Recruitment & training costs
  • Costs with ongoing management of staff 
  • Holidays/Sick days
  • Coffee breaks or downtime

In addition, you only pay for productive time needed. For example, if a virtual assistant takes 30 minutes to write meeting minutes, you only pay for 30 minutes of work. This billing method let’s spend your operating dollars more efficiently.

3. Focus on growing your business

By getting a virtual assistant to manage your day-to-day tasks, you’ll have more free time and you can work on tasks that make a bigger impact to your bottom line in your practice.

Too many medical clinic owners become involved in things that might be necessary administratively, but don’t actually help their businesses grow.

There are only so many hours in the day so you should outsource administrative or other time-consuming tasks to a virtual assistant to help you free up some time to focus on growing your practice and delivering care to your clients.

4. Get data that will help with strategic planning

When you work with a virtual medical assistant, it’s common that they’ll provide you with weekly reporting on their tasks for the week. This reporting gives you complete visibility of how long each task has taken and the composition of the tasks that are taking up the most amount of time.

This evidence based knowledge helps to ensure that you can prioritize workload and budget in the future, and prioritize what is important.

5. Achieve work life balance

By hiring a medical virtual assistant, you’ll gain the benefits in your professional life, as well as your personal life such as more time for yourself, family, or friends.By having a team – even a virtual team – it will alleviate time pressures on your schedule. 

For example, a medical virtual assistant can take on administrative and other important but time-consuming work. This delegation of work gives you more hours in a day so you can spend more time for yourself or with family or friends.

6. Freedom to restructure

Businesses are constantly growing and changing, so their needs will change as well. Because virtual assistants work on a contractual basis through a company such as Ginger Desk, you can easily (with less legal and HR admin) add and remove staff as your practice expands and contracts. This allows you strategic freedom to build your business at your speed and not necessarily by the number of staff you have.

7. Scale VA support to your business needs

Virtual assistants are agile and flexible and are designed to be utilized as and when you need them. The ability to increase or decrease your VA support based on your current business needs makes it easier to navigate changes in your business effectively.

To best take advantage of working with a virtual assistant, create a long-term business plan on how you expect to utilize them to ensure they support your medical clinic growth as best they can. At the same time, this will allow you to have a clear picture of how and where you can utilize a virtual assistant in your practice.

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