Case Study: Empowering Clinic Owners with Ginger Desk

We, at Ginger Desk, have been on a mission to support medical and healthcare professionals by providing fully trained virtual assistants. Let's take a look at how our services made a significant impact on a busy Multidisciplinary Clinic, making their lives easier and their clinic more successful.

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A Frustrating Challenge Overcome

The Clinic Owner and Office Manager of the Multidisciplinary Clinic faced a common problem – a revolving door of staff. Over the past three months, they had hired and trained three employees, all of whom ended up leaving. It was an exhausting cycle that left them feeling overwhelmed. They were determined to find a solution to this staffing issue.

Ginger Desk team member
Ginger Desk team

Dedicated Support from Ginger Desk

Understanding the importance of consistent front desk coverage for a thriving clinic, we stepped in with full dedication. Our virtual assistant services were ready to handle essential tasks without any disruption to the clinic’s operations.

Seamless Handling of Vital Tasks

Ginger Desk seamlessly took charge of crucial tasks for the clinic:

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Patient communication

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Document management

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Bookings and schedule

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EMR support

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Patient Records & recalls

A New Clinic Experience

With our virtual assistants managing the administrative workload, the Clinic Owner could finally relax. Worries about staff absences, employee turnover, and training were things of the past. They could now focus on their primary goal – providing the best possible care for their patients.

Tangible Success with Ginger Desk

The impact of Ginger Desk’s support on the clinic’s key metrics was truly remarkable:

  • Improved patient response time from 48 hours to just 4 hours – a significant enhancement that delighted patients.
  • Thanks to the improved response time, a 20% increase in new patient bookings attracted more clientele.
  • Enhanced patient retention with a 20% increase in return visits, building solid patient-provider relationships.
  • Accounts receivable at zero over 48 hours, ensuring a healthy financial flow for the clinic.
  • An end to staff turnover; the cycle of hiring and training was finally broken.
  • Clinic downtime became a thing of the past; our virtual assistants were there to fill in whenever needed.
Dr. Julie Durnan, ND

Saving Time and Money

Besides streamlining clinic operations, Ginger Desk also brought substantial cost savings. With our support, the clinic now enjoys monthly savings of $2400 on admin payroll fees.

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I’m VERY happy with my experience working with Ginger Desk. Their professionalism and efficiency have made such a difference for me and my growing business.

My clients and staff felt supported from day one. As a business owner, it is a massive load lifted to know that my clinic is in their extremely capable hands! Thank you!

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I'm so grateful to have found Ginger Desk. Since working with my Ginger VA, I have been able to free up my time and spend more time building my business and caring for my patients during consults.

My experience with Ginger Desk has been so positive. I feel SO supported and would highly recommend them to all health practitioners in need of any level of support!!!

Working with The Ginger Desk is quite possibly the best decision I’ve ever made for my practice.

Signing on with Ginger Desk has been one of the best things I have done for my private practice.

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