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FAQ: How do I get started?

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Please set up a Discovery Call with our sales team. We can begin your onboarding process in as little as 48 hours.


We are here with you every step of the way. Your experienced Ginger Desk VA works with practitioners who are new to support all the time.

We are here to help. Your VA and Virtual Office Manager are ready to provide you with suggestions for support, based on your practice’s specific needs.

FAQ: Your Dedicated VA

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Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm in most time zones across North America.

We have a successful 4-step process that gets your VA integrated into your practice quickly and efficiently.

At Ginger Desk, you are matched to one dedicated VA who you will get to know, who will get to know your workflow and practice nuances at a deep level, and best of all, your clients will get to know your Ginger Desk VA as a trusted, compassionate and supportive part of your practice.

Your Ginger Desk VA is not your employee. You simply pay for the service like you would for any business purchase. We take care of their wages and payroll costs.

The Ginger Desk has a tried and true client-to-VA Matching System. While we don’t offer you a selection of VAs to select yourself, we always ensure you are happy with the match we make for you. In fact we guarantee it.

Absolutely. Ginger Desk VAs are often integrated into busy clinical teams. Clinics assign different tasks to each VA based on the clinic’s specific needs. Ask us how we can integrate into your clinic’s existing front desk staff team.

FAQ: How does Ginger Desk support my practice?

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Ginger Desk membership is a direct business expense. Please speak with your accountant about how this fits into your expense and tax return.

We do our best to ensure your match is suited to you, your practice, and your needs. If you find a match isn’t suitable, Ginger Desk will re-match you to a better fit.

We encourage you to create an open flow of communication with your VA. When this isn’t possible, you can go directly to your Virtual Office Manager who oversees your highest needs.

We offer flexible month-to-month plans that you allow you to cancel at any time. You only need to give 30 days written notice.

At Ginger Desk, you are also set up with a Ginger Desk VA Buddy who understands your practice and desk workflow. When your VA isn’t available, your VA Buddy can step in to cover your desk and practice. Your practice won’t experience any downtime. We have you covered all year.

FAQ: What can my Ginger Desk VA help with?

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While Ginger Desk VAs are excellent client communicators and trained as Patient Care Coordinators and Medical Office Assistants, their skills are refined to support patient needs and not websites. We do, however, work with Referral Partners who can support you with website updates.

Yes. Your personal Ginger Desk VA handles all private billing for cash-based practices, along with invoices directly from your EMR. They can also handle collections when invoices go unpaid.

Yes, they can! Your VA is in charge of managing your schedule. As clients reschedule, they can add people from your waitlist.

While Ginger Desk VAs are excellent client communicators, trained as Patient Care Coordinators and Medical Office Assistants, their skills are refined to support patient needs and not bookkeeping. We do however work with Referral Partners who can support you with bookkeeping.

Your Ginger Desk VA doesn’t answer live calls. They do, however, check your voicemails throughout the day.

Reach out to have a chat about your practice’s unique assistant needs.