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Our passion is making a difference in practitioners' lives.

Ginger Desk Virtual Assistants’ passion is creating ease and flow in health practitioners’ lives. We are honored to share our practitioners’ stories of success and praise for our incredible team. Read and watch below to learn how our VAs have improved these practitioners’ lives and how they can do the same for you.

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"Delegation is key when focusing on your zone of genius"

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND

CEO Clinician Business Labs Toronto, Canada

“I love Ginger Desk. My Virtual Assistant is a vital part of my team in my naturopathic and coaching practices. She's super tech savvy and learns so quickly. She's so efficient and willing to help out where ever is needed. I'm so grateful she's in my corner - I couldn't run my business without her.”

Dr. Tonia Winchester, ND, NLP

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Dr. Tonia Winchester
Dr. Kelly Romero

"The support from my Virtual Assistant has been a great asset to my clinic. Her experience and perspective help make my business more efficient and identify methods for improvement. This additional support helps reduce stress for me so that I can focus on other things in my practice."

Dr. Kelly Romero, NMD

Chandler, Arizona, USA

"Working with Ginger Desk is quite possibly the best decision I’ve ever made for my practice. I adore my VA and can rely on her to take care of the daily details so that I can focus on patient care. Together, we clarified my business goals and are implementing a strategic plan to help increase my revenue while improving my work-life balance. With the help of Ginger Desk and my VA, I have significantly increased my efficiency and now have a clear long-term vision for my practice as well as the administrative support I need to realize those goals."

Dr. Caroline Coombs, ND

Naturopathic Physician, Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Caroline Coombs
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"I cannot tell you how much ease it has brought to our practice."

Dr. Natalie Groenewoud, ND and Dr. Amber Sereda, ND

Co-Founders and Naturopathic Physicians, Aumakua Integrated Wellness Clinic BC, Canada

Dr. Desiree Galante ND & Dr. Robert Boyd ND

"Ginger Desk has been fantastic for our naturopathic medicine clinic and has saved us countless hours on administrative tasks. Our VA is so attentive with our clients and is always able to quickly meet their needs. Our clients are used to a high level of care and it's helpful that our VA is well-versed in naturopathic medicine and the type of care we provide. We highly recommend Ginger Desk."

Dr. Desiree Galante, ND & Dr. Robert Boyd, ND, CNS

Naturopathic Physicians and Co-Founders of Terrain Clinic Virginia, USA

"I love working with Ginger Desk. Their company was recommended in a Facebook group I was in, so I reached out to them and had a consult. I was skeptical because I have tried at least 5 different VA services, and no one has followed through on their promises. At my consult call, we discussed this, and I felt confident this company was different. When I got my onboarding package to get ready to work with my VA, I was VERY impressed. It was so thorough. To work successfully with a VA, you need systems and standards. I can’t say enough good things about working with Ginger Desk!"

Kyla Phillips, Registered Nurse

Massachusetts, USA

Kyla Phillips
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"Incredibly reliable and efficient"

Dr. Stephanie Bayliss, ND

Naturopathic Physician BC, Canada

"Ginger Desk has been a game-changer for me and my practice. I had been looking to hire an assistant for some time but it did not quite feel right until a trusted colleague told me about Ginger Desk. Having an agency whose staff is well-versed in naturopathic medicine and practice management made the process seamless with very little time required on my end to on-board my personal VA; as a very busy practitioner and business owner, this was key for me. The VA I have been paired with is reliable, organized, and goes above and beyond in helping me with the daily administrative tasks in my practice. She has also helped me implement systems that overall have improved patient experience and have allowed me to focus on patient care. Forever grateful for Ginger Desk and my VA!"

Dr. Melissa Cugliari, ND

Naturopathic Physician, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Melissa Cugliari
Dr. Annie Cannon ND and Dr. Kendra Flock ND

"Working with Ginger Desk has helped our business tremendously in the past few months. We have been able to delegate tasks to our VA with ease, which has given us our time back.

Now we are able to focus on our big picture goals as a Clinic and not stress about the details. Our efficiency as a business has improved, and our stress levels have reduced. We are very thankful for Ginger Desk!"

Dr. Annie Cannon, ND and Dr. Kendra Flock, ND

Ember Naturopathic, Alberta, Canada

"Working with Ginger Desk has been a great experience! It has allowed me to specify exactly the type of support I need in order to focus on my clinical practice and building my business. I love the flexibility that Ginger Desk provides – I know that as my practice grows, Ginger Desk will be able to adjust to the changes in workload and continually strategize ways to best support me. My Virtual Assistant has been wonderful to work with! I have complete confidence that she will take care of daily tasks and provide excellent customer service, which ultimately allows me to achieve the work-life balance I am striving for."

Dr. Sarah Nyrose, ND

Naturopathic Physician, BC, Canada

Dr. Sarah Nyrose ND
Dr. Nicole Sandilands ND and Dr. Natalie McCullough ND

"Working with Ginger Desk these last few months has made a huge difference in our practice. Having a VA that already has knowledge of our software made for such an easy and seamless integration into our practice. We saved on hours of training and were able to have our VA up and running independently very quickly. Our VA was incredibly professional and reliable with all the tasks she was responsible for. I can't say enough good things about our experience with Ginger Desk. I would highly recommend you consider adding them to your team, you won't regret it!"

Dr. Nicole Sandilands ND and Dr. Natalie McCullough ND

Naturopathic Physicians and Co-Founder of Durham Natural Health Centre, Ontario, Canada

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